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book coverFriend Theory: Understanding the Multiverse (And Our Role Within It)

Planetary Futures Book One

Nathaniel Ryan (with Laura Fox)

Friend Theory: Understanding The Multiverse (And Our Role Within It) describes evidence for simulation theory, the idea we are living in a metaverse (potentially one of many) that is being rendered by some form of supercomputer belonging to intelligent creators that came before us. The author argues that our best logical course of action is to lead the most ethical lives possible while learning ways to build the best world imaginable.

ISBN: 979-8-9889239-0-9

book coverCivilization Planning: The Future of City Design

Planetary Futures Book Two

Nathaniel Ryan (with Laura Fox)

Civilization Planning: The Future of City Design advocates that city planning is in effect civilization planning since the cities we design reinforce culture and civilizational norms for decades, if not centuries. The book suggests ways cities can significantly improve quality of life by providing opportunities for residents to experience beauty and efficiency within view of every home and walkable route.

ISBN: 979-8-9889239-1-6

book coverResidential Cruise Ships: The Future of Global Housing

Planetary Futures Book Three

Nathaniel Ryan (with Laura Fox)

Residential Cruise Ships: The Future of Global Housing advocates that the cruise industry should pivot toward residential living, including designing ships where everyone onboard is part of the crew supporting their fleet’s diverse mix of businesses. This could help make cruise life one of the most affordable and exciting residential options.

ISBN: 979-8-9889239-2-3

book coverCity Staffing Agencies: The Future of Work-Life Balance

Planetary Futures Book Four

Nathaniel Ryan (with Laura Fox)

City Staffing Agencies: The Future Of Work-Life Balance advocates for centralized staffing agencies created by local communities that provide guaranteed part-time employment for everyone. Residents would be rotated through a variety of jobs, providing them with a modest income and opportunities for lifelong learning.


ISBN: 979-8-9889239-3-0

book coverThe Soul-Driven Author's Nonfiction Book Planning Guide:
A Manual for Coaches and Healers

Laura B. Fox

This large format workbook prepares authors to write their books with confidence. Topics include:

  • Getting to know your reader
  • Developing your voice on the page
  • Choosing a style and genre
  • Market research
  • Choosing a publishing path & marketing strategy
  • Creating a chapter-by-chapter outline
ISBN: 979-8-9889239-4-7